Remove sand and debris from working fluid during drill-out and clean-out operations with the world’s leading technology.
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Drier solids, cleaner fluid. That’s the SandCat.

The SandCat Total Clean Flowback system is an industry-leading flowback sand management technology, and Tornado owns a custom fleet of them — more than any other fluids service provider. Instead of renting from a third party like our competitors, we have made a strategic investment to purchase our own fleet so that we can properly customize, maintain, and repair them to our high standards.
The SandCat - Safer and faster rig-up:

Safer and faster rig-up:

We added hydraulic lifting rams and additional walking space to the SandCat. This enables our field personnel to have more support when rigging up and down, ensuring their safety.
The SandCat - Customized flaring capability:

Customized flaring capability:

All of our units have been fitted with a flowback gas buster with flaring capability, allowing the location to visually see returns on surface. Less than 50% of other SandCats on the market have this feature.
The SandCat - Better repair and maintenance protocols:

Better repair and maintenance protocols:

We have exceptionally high R&M standards for our equipment, which means our SandCats are always in mint condition and ready to perform at 100% in the field. This reduces any potential for NPT.
Whether it's for production clean-outs or completion drill-outs, our SandCats are up for the job.
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Why do you need the SandCat?

This innovative flowback sand management technology offers ground-breaking performance. See why our customers love using this equipment on location.

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The SandCat - Reduces disposal volumes
Reduces disposal volumes and trucking charges thanks to the unique shaker system which produces drier solids
The SandCat - Eliminates costs
Eliminates costs associated with the Super Sucker VAC after jobs because the SandCat is self cleaning
The SandCat - Creates a smaller footprint
Creates a smaller footprint as fewer frac tanks are required with the SandCat in place
The SandCat - Produces cleaner working fluid
Produces cleaner working fluid so that water can be recycled instead of trucked off and replaced as in traditional methods
The SandCat - Enables solids to be put onto the ground
Enables solids to be put onto the ground because it meets TRC Title 16 Part 1 Chapter 3D (Texas) requirements

    Our thorough process leads to enhanced performance



    Our highly knowledgeable sales representatives learn about the requirements for your wellsite. We answer any questions you have about our operations and experience.


    We meet and discuss safety, quality, and technical aspects, going in depth about what each chemical does and the dosages required for your job. We put an action plan in place.


    Our experienced field team gets to work, expertly maintaining the integrity of fluids for the job at hand. They mitigate any issues to get the results you need to efficiently get to TD.


    Once the job is complete, we evaluate our performance with key performance indicators. With your feedback, we apply continuous improvement processes to the next job.
      Two professionals from Tornado Production Services, viewed from behind, walk towards operational equipment at a well pad site. One carries gloves, indicative of their readiness for hands-on work in drill-out and clean-out operations, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky at dawn.

      The SandCat is an innovative piece of equipment, and we’ve made it even better

      Our improvements, repair, and maintenance put our SandCats in another league.
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