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Ensure the proper blending and shearing of chemicals on site.
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Accurately blend chemicals during completion drill-out and production clean-out operations

Mixing chemicals for completion drill-out and production clean-out operations is both an art and a science. It’s not just about the dosages or the quality of the chemicals, you also have to blend them properly in order to get the results you need for enhanced performance.

Our specially-built mixing plants and our range of chemical and additive solutions address a variety of challenges that arise during completion and production operations, such as:

  • Temperature concerns

  • Fluid losses

  • Formation fracture issues

  • H2S problems

  • Bacterial challenges

  • Clean up and debris related well issues

  • Friction losses, particularly on high pressure wells

  • Torque and drag on extended reach laterals

With Tornado’s mixing plants, high-quality chemicals, and experienced team, you can address these challenges head on.
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Optimizing Chemical Performance with Tornado’s Specialized Mixing Plants

With Tornado’s mixing plants, high-quality chemicals, and experienced team, you can address these challenges head on.

Properly blending chemicals with mixing plants has proven to reduce the amount of wasted chemicals while increasing their effectiveness. Our mixing plants are specially manufactured to maximize the efficacy of the chemicals for completion and production operations.

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Man working on mixing plant
Accurate chemical dosing: With our metering pumps and premeasured chemicals, you can ensure you have the precise dosages required for the task at hand.
mixing plant on well site
Consistent working fluid: The mixing plant properly hydrates chemicals to create the optimized level of fluidity.
time saving mixing plan
Efficient operations: Our dual tub mixing plant allows for the hydration of multiple chemicals simultaneously, saving time during the process.
high performance mixing plant on well site
Reliable performance: The appropriate and accurate blending of chemicals ensures the best chance of positive outcomes while keeping costs at a minimum.

    Our thorough process leads to enhanced performance



    Our highly knowledgeable sales representatives learn about the requirements for your wellsite. We answer any questions you have about our operations and experience.


    We meet and discuss safety, quality, and technical aspects, going in depth about what each chemical does and the dosages required for your job. We put an action plan in place.


    Our experienced field team gets to work, expertly maintaining the integrity of fluids for the job at hand. They mitigate any issues to get the results you need to efficiently get to TD.


    Once the job is complete, we evaluate our performance with key performance indicators. With your feedback, we apply continuous improvement processes to the next job.
      Two professionals from Tornado Production Services, viewed from behind, walk towards operational equipment at a well pad site. One carries gloves, indicative of their readiness for hands-on work in drill-out and clean-out operations, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky at dawn.

      Our mixing plants create optimal results for operators

      We ensure the level of precision required to get the job done right — no second guesses required.
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