Scott Kirchoff

Photo of Scott Kirchoff, the President of Tornado

About Scott Kirchoff

Scott Kirchoff, the President of Tornado Production Services, founded the company in 2011 and has led the company with over 40 years of completion and production experience in several service lines.

During his 35 years of professional experience, Scott has worked with Cudd Pressure control for 7 years in the Coiled Tubing, Snubbing and Nitrogen divisions as operator and worked his way to service supervisor.  He continued his career with seven more years with Schlumberger in the completion space, only to leave and found Tornado Thru Tubing Services, which was acquired by Oil States International. At Oil States (13 years), Scott was Regional Manager over the state of Texas which included Fluids, Thru Tubing, Frak Stack, Hydraulic Choke and Pressure Control divisions, while also performing duties as Sales Manager. Scott, seeing the opportunity of shale plays, resigned his position with OSI and founded Tornado Production Services in 2011.

Notable oilfield firsts:

  • With Cudd Pressure Control, Scott was part of the first Coiled Tubing horizontal well drilling operation in the lower 48 in the 90’s.
  • With Schlumberger, Scott worked with Shell Oil to help design and develop the first high pressure coiled tubing unit. This included testing on pipe fatigue during gooseneck passes, snubbing capabilities, BOP/Stripper box testing, and injector head capabilities.
  • With Schlumberger, Scott was the first high pressure coiled tubing supervisor, conducting the first 15 high pressure well cleanout/drillout on record.
  • With Schlumberger, Scott also traveled to Saudi Arabia to help complete and Acid frac Saudi Arabia’s first Natural Gas well they have drilled.

Scott currently lives in Orange Grove, Texas with his wife of 38 years, and 3 daughters and their husbands that continue to live in the Orange Grove, Texas area.

Two professionals from Tornado Production Services, viewed from behind, walk towards operational equipment at a well pad site. One carries gloves, indicative of their readiness for hands-on work in drill-out and clean-out operations, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky at dawn.

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